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2BEA water ring vacuum pump

The series water ring vacuum pump used for drawing air or other corrosive, unsolubre gases which do not contain solid grain to obtain cartain vacuum and pressure in sealed vessels. The gas sucked in may be allowed to contain small amount of liquid.
Type 2BE1 water ring vacuum pump is a kind of energy-saving products on the basis of type SK, SZ and SKC vacuum pumps, which combines production characteristics of new building materials, petrochemical, paper, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, sugar, printing and dyeing, metallurgical and electronic industries.

The advanced mobile exhaust device is adopted instead of type SK, SZ and SKC rubber ball exhaust devices, and it has the pumping speed is fast, even and stable performance, and frequent staring, etc.

When equipped with explosion-proof motor, it can suck flammable and explosive gas, and when the pump body material is corrosion-resistant material, it can suck corrosive gas. So the pumps are used even widely in many fields.

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